How to redeem codes in PUBG Mobile?
How to redeem gift codes in PUBG Mobile. These codes can be used to get weapon skins, character clothing, and other nice items.
Fog of War in PUBG Mobile halved the number of cheaters with Wall Hack
The developers of PUBG Mobile shared the success of the anti-cheat system Fog of War. According to them, the new technology has halved the number of cheaters using
PUBG Mobile account hacked
PUBG Mobile Account Hacked? Here’s how to recover
We’ll tell you what to do if your PUBG Mobile account has been hacked or stolen. On this page, you will find a step-by-step account recovery guide that
How to throw melee weapons in PUBG
How to throw melee weapons in PUBG?
An instruction that will teach you how to throw melee weapons in PUBG. This is a useful skill that is helpful at the beginning of the game.
How to increase KD ratio in PUBG Mobile
How to increase KD ratio in PUBG Mobile?
In this article, we will discuss how to increase KD ratio in PUBG Mobile. You will find out 4 working ways that will help to improve your stats.
Weapons in PUBG: NEW STATE – Stats & Damage
List of all weapons available in PUBG: NEW STATE with detailed description. As well as their stats and damage.
How to revive teammate in PUBG NEW STATE
How to revive teammate in PUBG: NEW STATE?
Learn how to revive a dead teammate in PUBG: NEW STATE. This will allow you to bring your friend back into the game and increase your chances of
System Requirements of PUBG NEW STATE
System requirements for PUBG: NEW STATE
PUBG: NEW STATE system requirements for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad). Find out what kind of device you need to enjoy the game.
Referral code for PUBG BATTLEGROUNDS
Referral code for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS
We’re giving you a working referral code for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. It will give you 30,000 BP and 10 contraband coupons.
Redeem codes for PUBG NEW STATE
Redeem codes for PUBG: NEW STATE
Working redeem codes for PUBG: NEW STATE. We monitor the release of new codes daily and update our list.