How to throw melee weapons in PUBG?

How to throw melee weapons in PUBG

An instruction that will teach you how to throw melee weapons in PUBG. This is a useful skill that is helpful at the beginning of the game.

  1. Pick up any melee weapon. This can be a frying pan, machete, crowbar, or sickle. You can take as many weapons as your backpack can store.Melee weapons in PUBG
  2. Take the melee weapon in your hands.Throwing melee weapon in PUBG
  3. Hold down the right mouse button to aim. The red line shows the exact trajectory of the throw.
  4. Now press the left mouse button to make a throw.

Hitting the head with a frying pan at a short distance (up to 15 meters) will deprive the enemy of almost all health. A little more health will remain if he has a level 1 helmet. A level 2 helmet will help him to save about 16% of health. And the third level helmet will save about 30% of his health.

It is worth to say that frying pan does the most damage. But other melee weapons can be thrown at longer distances. By the way, edged weapons can rebound from a wall or other obstacle. In this situation, it will still hurt your opponent. But also this way it will not be able to hurt you. After throwing, the weapon can be picked up and thrown again. Have fun!