Fog of War in PUBG Mobile halved the number of cheaters with Wall Hack

The developers of PUBG Mobile shared the success of the anti-cheat system Fog of War. According to them, the new technology has halved the number of cheaters using Wall Hack.

Fog of War limits the information the client part of the game receives. Information about the enemies within their line of sight is sent to the user’s device. Therefore, it is only possible to find out the location of the enemy by peeking through the walls.

Krafton claims that this game-changing technology has already proven to be effective. After collecting the data, they concluded that Fog of War had halved the number of cheaters with X-ray vision and Wall Hack. In certain regions, the number of dishonest players decreased by 62%.

Fog of War scans all buildings and environments on the map. The system intelligently determines what the player should see. Only then, the server sends the player information about the location of other players. Information about what cannot be seen is not sent to the player. This gets rid of the most dishonest users.

At this stage, Krafton is pleased with the results of the updated anti-cheat. In the future, the Fog of War system will work in every mode of PUBG Mobile.