PUBG Mobile 2.7 Update – What’s New in the Game?

Let’s explore the exciting features that await in the upcoming 2.7 update of PUBG Mobile. The developers have prepared a collaboration with the authors of Dragon Ball, resulting in an original themed mode and thrilling new content.

What’s new in PUBG Mobile 2.7?

Dragon Ball Themed Mode

In a special collaboration with the creators of the Dragon Ball manga, PUBG Mobile introduces a captivating themed mode on the Erangel map. Players will encounter designated zones where they can explore spherical houses, filled with various equipment and crates containing valuable items.

Opening these chests grants players tokens and coins, enabling them to make wishes. Upon collecting 7 coins, a special platform allows players to summon the dragon. This grants the opportunity to choose three wishes, resulting in the delivery of four crates. These crates contain powerful weapons, Gillie Suit, and level-three protection.

Additionally, the Dragon Ball mode grants players access to magical abilities. By finding a special flask, players can temporarily acquire enhanced speed, execute swift dashes, unleash magical attacks, and even experience levitation. Among these abilities, one flask will provide a three-seater rover capable of traversing land and water.

New Arcade Mode

The upcoming Arcade Mode introduces an exciting twist by allowing players to select a character from Dragon Ball and one of three attack types. Players will be dropped onto an island, engaging in Battle Royale mode alongside 50 participants. By playing three matches with each character, players can unlock themed achievements and receive two Classic Crate coupons.

ACE32 Assault Rifle

Introducing the ACE32 Assault Rifle as a new addition to the game. This fully-featured alternative to the AKM offers automatic and single-shot firing modes and supports various modifications.

Ultimatum Fashion Achievement

Players can earn the achievement “Ultimatum Fashion” title by collecting a specific number of Ultimatum costumes.