Update 2.5 in PUBG Mobile – What’s new in the game?

Update 2.5 in PUBG Mobile

We’ll tell you what’s new in PUBG Mobile 2.5. We await a significant update to coincide with the game’s fifth anniversary.

What’s new in PUBG Mobile 2.5?

PUBG Mobile logo

PUBG Mobile’s Fifth Anniversary

PUBG Mobile will have a celebratory event to mark the game’s fifth anniversary. An Imagination Plaza will appear on the map where players can find valuable resources and loot. You can find the best equipment in a giant container with the game’s fifth-anniversary logo. In addition, Imagination Districts – small areas with valuable rewards – will appear on the map.

Block Cover

PUBG Mobile will add a portable block cover that you can use to create bridges, stairs, or walls.

Portable Trampoline

Players can use a portable trampoline to toss themselves in the air and gain a tactical advantage over the enemy.

Portable Cannon

A portable cannon will appear in the game, allowing you to launch projectiles over long distances. It will also allow you to launch players into the air.

PUBG Mobile and Bugatti Collaboration

There are rumors that the game will feature a line of skins based on the Bugatti Chiron series, replacing the standard Dacia car model.

This scenario is very realistic, given Bugatti’s previous collaboration with NEW STATE MOBILE. Recall that NEW STATE MOBILE, formerly known as PUBG NEW STATE, was developed by Krafton, creators of the PC and console versions of PUBG.

Protective shield for the DP-28

You can equip a DP-28 machine gun with a special shield for additional protection. Get into the prone position to activate the shield.

New attachment for the shotguns

You can equip shotguns with a new attachment that increases the rate of fire.

Improved Lobby

There will be an improved weapon animations in the game’s main menu. Also, there will be additional options for playing animations. For example, players in the lobby can synchronize the desired animation. This addition will significantly simplify the shooting of video in the game.

New Daily Rewards

New daily rewards await PUBG Mobile players for logging in to the game. On the first day, you’ll receive a scrap of the crate’s coupon. The reward for the second day will be 300 BP. On the third day, you’ll receive three silver.

On the fourth day, you will receive a temporary clothing item. The fifth day’s reward is a Hero’s Crate. On the sixth day, you receive an additional 300 BP; on the seventh day, you receive a temporary weapon skin.