PUBG Mobile’s 5th Anniversary Celebration Begins March 21

PUBG Mobile's 5th Anniversary

PUBG Mobile was released on March 19, 2018. In honor of the game’s fifth anniversary, the developers prepare several surprises for players.

On March 6, two tweets on the official PUBG Mobile Twitter account stated that the game would have new themed zones.

The first tweet hints at a large theme zone called Imagination Plaza. The second tweet tells us about an imaginary battleground that awaits players.

On the same day, the developers released a gameplay video. The video shows the player looking at other players jumping high into the air. At the end of the video, the developers announced that an updated version of the game will be released soon.

On March 8, the developers announced that a special AirDrop would soon be landing on Imagination Plaza.

The following tweet announced that from March 10-15, 2023, players could use the code 0230321 to get free in-game rewards. And the PUBG Mobile fifth anniversary celebration will begin on March 21, 2023.