Panda companion in PUBG Mobile

All about the Panda companion in PUBG Mobile. Find out how to get a new companion for your pet collection.

PUBG Mobile recently released the 2.4 update. It brought a lot of new content to the game. New maps, modes, weapons, vehicles, and more are available to players. The update also added a new companion to the game.

In the past, PUBG Mobile developers have added a bird on the shoulder, King Kong, Godzilla, and an arctic wolf to the game. This time, the panda has become available to players. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Everything you need to know about the panda companion

The Panda is a new type of companion in PUBG Mobile. It’s just your cute little buddy in the world of Battle Royale. It won’t give you any advantages on the battlefield. However, the pet does a great job with its aesthetic function. Not only is the pet pleasing to the eye, but it is also a great addition to your character’s appearance. There are three variations of the panda, one of which is legendary and the other two have mythic status:

  • Legendary Panda Disciple Buddy. A great companion that loves mischief and dancing!
  • Mythic Drunkfist Panda Buddy. A serious companion who will train and grow stronger with you!
  • Mythic Fighter Panda Buddy. A mature companion who will travel and go on adventures with you!

How to get Panda companion in PUBG Mobile?

You can get the panda companion in the Hola-Buddy event on PUBG Mobile. The event can be found in the events list in the main menu. Be prepared to test your luck. The first spin of the day will cost you 10 UC. Subsequent spins will cost 60 UC. And the cost of 10 spins is 540 UC.

In addition to the three panda variations, you can also receive other gifts:

  • Adorable Panda Suit;
  • Warrior Techwear Set;
  • Cuddly Panda – Scar-L ;
  • Pink Panda” – Groza;
  • Cuddly Panda – UMP45;
  • Comfortable Panda Set;
  • Pan Pan UAZ”;
  • Pan Pan Helmet;
  • Bamboo – Crowbar;
  • Lucky Panda Backpack;
  • Warrior Techwear Cove;
  • Pan Pan Ornament;
  • Angry Panda Grenade.