How to farm and spend BP in PUBG Mobile?

How to farm and spend BP in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a popular mobile game offering players various cosmetic items. One way to obtain these items is through Battle Points (BP), the in-game currency you can use to open crates and buy things. In this article, we’ll explain how to farm BP quickly and easily and how to spend it in the game.

How to earn BP in PUBG Mobile?

To earn BP, you need to participate in PUBG Mobile matches. The longer you can survive, the more BP you’ll make, and dealing damage to enemies can also increase your rewards. Completing certain missions, such as playing a specific game mode or using certain weapons, can also earn you BP.

There are a few other ways to earn BP as well. You can log in to the game every day to receive a small amount of BP, and you can also receive BP from your friends. By linking your social media accounts to your game account, you can earn an extra 2,000 BP.

Finally, participating in in-game events can also give you additional BP.

How to spend BP in PUBG Mobile?

Once you have earned BP, you can spend it on a Soldier Crate, which you can purchase in the game’s shop. The box price increases each time you open it, but resets to the initial price once a week. Here’s the breakdown of the costs:

  • 1st opening – 700 BP
  • 2nd opening – 1,400 BP
  • 3rd opening – 2,800 BP
  • 4th opening – 4,200 BP
  • 5th opening – 5,600 BP
  • 6th opening – 7,000 BP

You can also buy 25 silver for 200 BP in the game store. Silver is another in-game currency that you can use to purchase in-game items.

Earning BP in PUBG Mobile is relatively easy, and several ways exist. By participating in matches, completing missions, logging in every day, and linking your social media accounts, you can quickly accumulate BP to spend on cosmetic items.