BAN PAN Report from March 10-16


From March 10-16, the PUBG Mobile developers banned 216,957 accounts and 5,219 devices as part of the BAN PAN program. Owners of banned devices will never be able to log in again.

According to statistics, 41 percent of cheaters used x-ray vision, 36 percent used auto-aim, 7 percent modified the damage area, and 3 percent used speed cheats. Another 13 percent of banned players used other types of cheats.

Thousands of ads promoting cheats were also blocked. 42,389 videos were taken down from TikTok and 4,596 from YouTube. In addition, 5,596 ads were removed from Instagram and 47 from Facebook.

The developers ask players to report users who use cheats or hacks. This will make the BAN PAN system even more efficient and improve the game’s overall quality.