Redeem codes for PUBG Mobile

Redeem codes for PUBG Mobile

A list of valid redeem codes in PUBG Mobile in 2023. You can use them to get various in-game items or skins.

Please note that some codes may not work in your country. They also have a limited validity period. Therefore, try to activate them as soon as possible.

Redeem codes are gifts from PUBG Mobile developers or their partners. They reward players and increase their interest to the game. After all, it’s always nice to get something for free. Sometimes redeem codes are tied to a specific region or country. However, we will still include them in the article and tell you where you can activate them.

Gift Codes for PUBG Mobile in 2023

Valid Codes

We’ll update this list regularly. The latest codes will always be at the top:

  • RollingInMoney
  • HealthAndHappines
  • HappyGoldenMoon

Outdated Codes

Codes that have lost their validity will appear here.

How to redeem a code in PUBG Mobile?

  1. Open the Redemption Center at this link.PUBG Mobile Main Menu
  2. Digitally, enter your Profile UID. Go to the main menu and click on your avatar to do this. Click on the two-sheet icon to copy the code.PUBG Mobile Profile UID
  3. Next, write the redemption code and enter the verification code.
  4. Select Redeem.
  5. If the code works, confirm that the details are correct and click Ok.
  6. Open the message section in PUBG Mobile to receive your gift. You can click on Claim all to accept all gifts at once.